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We guarantee the privacy and security of our client’s personal data. Our clients’ funds are held on a segregated account and all financial transactions are protected by SSL. Moreover, every day our IT Department is developing our security system to make it unbreakable. This will help us to get the best trading on platform and every possible feature. Thank you for choosing Altcoin Trading and Good Luck to you in your future!

Registration with email

By registering you automatically accept our Terms and Conditions (which we strongly suggest you to read prior to accepting it) and confirm that you are at least 18 years old or more. Click “Open Account” button to finish your registration.

Confirmation of your email address

In order to complete registration process, please, confirm your email address, because you won’t be able to confirm account without it. For that check your email inbox, where you should find a letter from Altcoin Trading. Open it and click on the button “Verify my email”. After that you will be redirected to your personal account on Altcoin Trading

Making your first deposit

After you’ve set all account details you can now proceed to the depositing process. In order to get the fullest experience. You have decided to bring your own funds to the trading account. Please, follow the instructions below to complete your deposit. In order to start your trading account you need to deposit your personal account with at least $100 USD. Altcoin Trading does not accept deposits from third parties which is why your personal information has to match your profile. In that case such deposit will be refunded back to the payment source (more on the matter you can read in the section Refund). You should make a deposit in BTC.
You need to click “Deposit” and choose the payment option and then follow instructions step-by-step.
Carefully check the amounts and hit the Confirm button.
Enter you payment service credentials and confirm the transaction.
After transaction is completed, the funds will be deposited to your Altcoin Trading account after confirmation.
Confirmation of the deposited amount will take 24 Hours.
Keep in mind that Altcoin Trading will Not pay all the transaction fees when you deposit/Withdrawals.

We keep hackers out

The vast majority of customer deposits are stored offline in air-gapped cold storage. We only keep enough online to facilitate for active trading, which greatly minimizes risk .

Monitoring 24/5 the clock

Our auditing programs monitor Trading activity 24/5. Their job is to report any suspicious activity before it becomes a problem.

Your funds are yours.

Any funds you put into Altcoin Trading account are only used to facilitate group trading through main account.

Trading hours

Hours:01:00 - 23:59 GMT
Please note that trading is unavailable during weekends.
and starts 00:00 GMT on Monday.
Our support team is ready 24/5 to help you with registration or any of your questions about our Altcoin trading account.
Feel free to contact us.
Altcoin Trading is all about technology. We use the best trading platform on the market.
It will not lag, freeze or hiccup.

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